I’ll be logging off Tumblr for the NSFW ban protest but I’ll be back on Dec 19 to give out more Pillowfort keys! In the meantime, I’ll try work out how to spruce up my own pillowfort, as well as work out how communities function over there. I’ll still be on Twitter, though, if you […]

elidoo: I know my brand~ is Dragon Age so I apologise in advance because I’ll be screaming about the new season of Voltron in the coming weeks (thanks for enabling me, @drdevorak-writes. yoo-hoo!) I’ll be tagging all the posts #voltron spoilers if you want to blacklist them 🙌 I will be binge-watching the entire season […]

elidoowrites: So I made a writing blog because my main @elidoo has become quite unruly to manage. elidoowrites will be light on social issues and fandom things. I’ll mainly be reblogging writing references, tips and advice that I find useful, as well as random posts about my writing angst as I tackle yet another novel-length […]