So, the next two months are shaping up to be very busy ones, it seems. Not only does @latefortevinter arrive in two weeks for PAX AUS (I’m scrambling to get my apartment cleaned, the car serviced, and all my work wrapped up), I’m also flying off to Tokyo, like, five days after she leaves Melbourne. […]

Interloper by elidoo

Interloper by elidoo elidoowrites: Chapter 12 The dodecahedron is broken and had Dorian agonising over whether to reveal to Rick his true identity. As the two share more intimate moments, his decision may be one that will pull them apart. [ From the beginning ]

elidoowrites: He wished he could disappear completely. To have every thread of his consciousness absorbed, consumed, obliterated the instant his broken body was taken over. Because that life was never his to begin with. Every day, he drifted, formless and void, clinging to the edges of Shiro’s soul. Like a reluctant passenger held captive. It […]


elidoowrites: By the time he’d reached the city bridge, the moons were well up over the peaks of the High Reaches. The guards at the gates stopped him and motioned for him to dismount. Not unexpected, he supposed, as he’d arrived at the capital in the dead of night, alone and without any obvious indication […]