I’ll be logging off Tumblr for the NSFW ban protest but I’ll be back on Dec 19 to give out more Pillowfort keys! In the meantime, I’ll try work out how to spruce up my own pillowfort, as well as work out how communities function over there. I’ll still be on Twitter, though, if you […]

Genuinely not being a dick here, but: I hope this Tumblr NSFW policy ban and the deserved uproar that followed make the naysayers rethink and re-evaluate why I didn’t cave in to change Fortitudo’s cover. Censorship of women/queer people’s bodies and gay erotica has always been one of the main objectives of conservative agenda. And […]

Unless Tumblr reconsiders its NSFW policy, I will be purging the contents of this blog at the end of the month. I’ve had a lot of fun in the past three years, met countless wonderful people who have since become dear friends. Through this blog, I have put together, with a group of incredible artists, […]

Sometimes I think about how many people on this site can’t differentiate between fetishisation and objectification. I wonder if they are cognitively aware of the fact that the female body is often eroticised for straight male gratification in mainstream media, and that fandom at large is merely trying to flip that lens to serve the […]

elidoo: I’m very close to finishing the latest chapter of Interloper, and at almost 7000 words, this will the longest update I have ever written. I have spent a lot of time and plot developing the Argon’s Lodge and its people, hoping my readers will care about them vicariously through Dorian because he does. And […]