is there going to be another project like #bornperfect or the art book this year?

Sadly, with Tumblr threatening to purge content and creators, and fandoms scrabbling to find a new platform to migrate to, I don’t think this is the right place or time to introduce another fandom fundraiser. I’m endlessly proud of what we’d achieved with the past two Born Perfect projects so even if Fortitudo was the […]

Before the ship sinks, lemme just say in anon: You are the best most positive and most energizing person I have met this whole year. Thank you for existing and being you 💕

Aww you, don’t make it harder for me to leave 💖 Thank you so much for following me! DAI was the first–and possibly only–fandom I’d ever actively participated in. And what a bunch of talented, passionate people we are! The past three years have been a joy and I am grateful for the experience. Also, […]

Aveline 👀

Aveline: What is your flirting style? I actually did a quiz and apparently, I am: Confident 😏😏😏 You’re a good flirt! You know who you are, what you’re about, and what you’re good at, and you aren’t above admitting what you need to work on. You know perfectly well that mistakes don’t define you; they […]

Heya! Don’t want to be nosy, but I really cannot wait for an update of Interloper? How’s it going? <3

Hi there! Your timing is excellent because I literally told a bunch of people just yesterday that for the next week or so, I will be going dark so I can finish the chapter. I mean, I really left you guys at a very awkward cliffhanger, didn’t I? 😂 I usually try to update every […]

Hi, sorry to bother you, but since you’re like involved in the Aus game dev community I was hoping if maybe you had like any links or directions towards how to get a career in the industry. I want to be a concept artist, but no one I know knows anything about the game industry (or concept art for that matter) and I haven’t had any luck finding anyone who sorta does. Just any sort of ‘go here’ would help heaps. Sorry to bother.

I want to start with two disclaimers: Firstly, this post is neither exhaustive nor definitive. Nothing can really guarantee you a job in a field as volatile and unstable as video games. These are merely my observations and experience, but hopefully they give you some pointers. Secondly, most of my response is specifically about Australia. […]