Genuinely not being a dick here, but: I hope this Tumblr NSFW policy ban and the deserved uproar that followed make the naysayers rethink and re-evaluate why I didn’t cave in to change Fortitudo’s cover. Censorship of women/queer people’s bodies and gay erotica has always been one of the main objectives of conservative agenda. And […]

I’ve come to accept plagiarism and copying is just part of fandom life. I’ve had scenes lifted from my fic. I’ve seen artists stealing entire concepts from other artists. Most of the time they get away with it, too, with their friends/supporters jumping in to defend them when they’re called out. So it is baffling and […]

Interloper by elidoo

Interloper by elidoo elidoowrites: Chapter 12 The dodecahedron is broken and had Dorian agonising over whether to reveal to Rick his true identity. As the two share more intimate moments, his decision may be one that will pull them apart. [ From the beginning ]

I know not everyone thinks so, judging by how many notes that one post got about Dorian not falling in love with every man in the Inquisition because reasons, but I always feel like it’s peak gay culture to have a crush (however fleeting) on almost every man who shows you just a little bit […]

elidoowrites: Interloper – Chapter 9 Dorian couldn’t help himself. “No, Livius, you’re the tool.” “Why, isn’t it Dorian of House Pavus?” Erimond sneered, as if he’d only just noticed his presence. “Pretty little Pavus, I hear daddy dearest isn’t angry at you anymore. How heartwarming.” “Oh, shut up, you treacherous cretin!” “And to think I […]